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Motovation Honda Barend

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Brand: Motovation

Part number: MVA-BAREND-HON

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SGD$ 80.00 w/GST

Product Description

These NEW designed bar-end balancers are designed to be heavier than stock to cancel out the high frequency 2nd and 3rd order harmonic vibrations that cause discomfort and fatigue while riding (yes, they really work!). Comes with replaceable bar-end sliders, Machined from high grade stainless steel, these bar-ends weigh about 330 grams a piece.

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  1. Question: is this item available at woodlands branch?
    derrick Aug-07-2017

    Answer: Afternoon Derrick, Yes. Ready stock at woodland branch. Please contact (Zul) 84818999 for arrangements.

  1. Question: Hi, this item is available at Toh Guan branch? is included installation? Entitle to use SGD10 voucher?
    leong Jan-29-2018

    Answer: Afternoon Leong, Yes. Applicable. Please contact (MJ) 92718999 for arrangements. Thank you.

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