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Vertix Raptor Wireless Helmet Communicator Kit (Full Face)

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Brand: Vertix

Part number: RAPTOR-I (FULL)

Availability: Delivery 2 ~ 6 weeks upon confirmation of order.

Our Price:
SGD$ 238.00 w/GST

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Product Description

Raptor-i Wireless Helmet Intercom

The Raptor-i provides crisp and uninterrupted mobile communication at high speeds. Its ergonomic and user-friendly design means using the Raptor-i on the go is simple and fuss-free.

Recommended for:

Recreational motorcycling
Racing Vehicles

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  1. Question: I would like to purchase vertix raptor i for 2nos ... - how much issit? - any promotions for now ? - what is the difference for full face and half face communicator ?
    yan Oct-09-2014

    Answer: Hi Yan, Price for Vertix raptor i at $228.00 Currently no promotion. Full face using wire mic, Half face using boom mic.

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