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Healtech GI-PRO DS Series Honda (Red)

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Brand: Healtech

Part number: GPDS-H01 R

Availability: Delivery 2 ~ 6 weeks upon confirmation of order.

Our Price:
SGD$ 260.00 w/GST

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Product Description

GIpro-DS is a Gear Indicator especially developed for bikes equipped with a Diagnosis Connector, like some electronic ignition bikes such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Buell, Harley-Davidson and Ducati.

The GIpro-DS works in a different way compared to all the other competitors products available in the market.
The GIpro-DS reads the data directly from OEM Electronic Ignition System, therefore the information’s reading is much faster and precise compared to any other Gear Indicator available on the market.

There are no buttons or programming cable. The GI does not need any outside programming as it sets itself up. There is no need to cut cables and it only needs to plug into one connector under the seat.

Another great feature is the size. The GIpro-DS is the smaller and most compact Gear Indicator available.

The very bright screen is easily readable in full daylight, and is designed with a clear graphic to adapt to any OEM clocks.
The product is available with Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White LED display

GIpro-DS is though, 100% waterproof and is covered from a 2 years limited warranty.

GIpro-DS and GIpro/ATRE: The GIpro-DS differs from the GIpro/ATRE as it only works as Gear Indicator and because it largely widen the application list.

Warning: The GIpro-DS application on VFR 800 is limited to 2006 and later model years, while on the ZX-12 it applies to the Model Year 04-06, On Triumph only models with Keihin cdi.
Dimensions: Length 29,5mm x Width 19,5mm x Height 15mm

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