Comprehensive Maintenance Packages

Comprehensive Maintenance Packages (CMP)

Pay a fixed monthly fee and Unique Motorsports will take care of your motorcycle maintenance and repairs.

Comprehensive Maintenance Packages (CMP) are available from $150* monthly onwards. 

Please contact Daphne at 97678999 or email at for more information on Comprehensive Maintenance Packages. Thank you.

*Prices depend on make, models and numbers of the motorcycles in the fleet.

Comprehensive Maintenance Package (CMP) by Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd

For a fixed monthly payment, Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd will take care of your motorcycle/ scooter fleet for you.

Schedule Maintenance

Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd will schedule maintenance for your fleet, covering servicing and preventive maintenance tasks which are performed to retain the motorcycles/scooters in a functional and roadworthy condition. Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd will provide onsite servicing. For jobs that cannot be completed on-site, the motorcycle will be towed to Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd's workshops.

Replacement of Common Wear & Tear Items

Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd will be responsible for replacement of the following common wear and tear items as part of the contact on an as and when required basis:

  • Front and rear tyres

  • Battery

  • Front and rear brake pads/brake shoe

  • Drive chain

  • Front and rear sprockets

  • Throttle cables

  • Clutch cables

  • Lighting system light bulbs (Head light bulb, tail light bulb, meter bulb, signal bulb)

Preventive Measures to be taken:

Tyres Sealant : All-new rear tyres of the motorcycles will be injected with tyre sealant to prevent puncturing.

Reinforced Preventive Measures to check during servicing and repairs:

  • Spark plug

  • Battery voltage

  • Fuel pipe line

  • Carburetor

  • Start motor and relay

Annual Vehicle Inspection (AVI)

The schedule for AVI of the fleet shall be planned by Unique Motorsports based on LTA requirement. Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd shall send the motorcycles on behalf of the Owner to any of the authorized inspection centres. Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd shall conduct any necessary repairs to the motorcycles prior to the AVI so that the motorcycles will pass the inspection.

Unschedule Maintenance

This refers to all actions performed to restore a failed defective vehicle to a functional and roadworthy condition. The following repairs shall be based on quotation:

a) Replacement of defective In-Vehicle Unit (IU)

b) Replacement of faulty patrol lightings and sirens, if any.

Maintenance Documentation and reports

Unique Motorsports shall document and record all maintenance services and repairs performed on the motorcycles. The following reports are available to the owner:

Annual Basis

a) Annual Schedule maintenance Plan

b) Annual Vehicle Inspection Plan

Monthly Basis

a) Activation Records for breakdown services (Call Log)

b) Schedule, unscheduled and ad-hoc repairs job summary with costings

Maintenance of Corporate Fleet of Motorcycles

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