Consignment Plan – Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd

Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd to assist Seller to sell his motorcycle on consignment basis.

Why sell your motorcycle though Unique Motorsports?

  1. No upfront fees to pay, 20% commission payable only after motorcycle had been sold.

  2. Unique Motorsports offer a space for the motorcycle to be displayed, customers can view the motorcycle anytime during opening hours. (Free for 90 days, chargeable $10 per day thereafter however customer can bring back his motorcycle anytime before the 90 days period)

  3. Seller can remove his motorcycle from Unique Motorsports anytime if he changes his mind in selling the motorcycle.

  4. Unique Motorsports offer 0% credit card instalment plans (up to 36 months for UOB & Standard Chartered, up to 12 months for POSB, DBS, OCBC, Citibank, Diners)

  5. Unique Motorsports offer Hire Purchase facilities (8% interest per annum) should the Buyer required Hire Purchase to purchase the motorcycle. Minimum downpayment: 20% of the Selling Price and subjected to Finance company approval.

  6. Unique Motorsports will advertise Seller's motorcycle on various platforms on behalf of the Seller.

  7. Unique Motorsports' salemen will liaise with potential Buyer and will handle all paperworks for the Seller.

  8. Apply to all Motorcycle and Scooter, regardless of cc.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Seller agrees to allow Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd to advertise and sell his motorcycle on his behalf and on consignment basis.

  2. Seller agreed to pay Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd, 20% (Twenty Percent) of the Selling Price.

  3. Upon Sale of Seller's Motorcycle, Unique Motorsports will deduct 20% of the Selling Price as commission.

  4. The remaining 80% of the Selling Price will be used to offset any balance Hire Purchase amount , if any, and remaining amount will be issued via Cheque in Motorcycle Owner's name.

  5. Seller is responsible for any balance Hire Purchase amount and any early settlement fees imposed by his previous finance company.

  6. Unique Motorsports will provide space for Seller's motorcycle to be displayed for the 1st 90 days. After 90 days, $10 is chargeable daily.

  7. Seller is responsible to make the $10 daily payment upfront or he can choose to bring his motorcycle home.

  8. Seller understand that the motorcycle is his own responsibility, if Seller is non contactable after the 90 days and did not make any $10 daily payment, Unique Motorsports reserve the rights to remove the motorcycle from Unique Motorsports' premises and Unique Motorsports will not be liable for any summons or damages incurred by the said motorcycle.

  9. Seller understand that it is his responsibilty to update Unique Motorsports his latest contact numbers.

  10. Seller is responsible for any repairs or rectifications required for the motorcycle.

  11. Motorcycle is parked at Unique Motorsports premises at Seller's own risk.

  12. The Seller acknowledged that Unique Motorsports shall not be responsible for any damages incurred while parked at Unique Motorsports' premises

  13. The Seller will determine a Selling Price with Unique Motorsports. Example: If Seller wanted $8000 back for his motorcycle, the Selling Price will be set at $8000 x 1.25 = $10,000. When the motorcycle is sold at $10,000, Unique Motorsports will deduct 20% of the Selling Price as commission.

  14. Unique Motorsports may check with Seller from time to time should there be offers lower than the Selling Price. Seller may choose to lower the Selling Price and close the deal however the 20% commision of the Selling Price will still apply.

  15. The Seller authorised Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd to obtain LTA Trasaction PIN on his behalf and authorised Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd to carry out the transfer of the motorcycle.

  16. Unique Motorsports Pte Ltd reserve the rights to reject any Seller's offer to consign his motorcycle for sale.

Documents required from the Seller:

  1. Seller to sign the Consignment Agreement

  2. Seller to sign on the M01 Transfer Form

  3. Seller to sign on the LTA Transaction PIN request form. (Seller's NRIC and motorcycle COE numbers is required to obtain this LTA Transaction PIN)

Consignment Agreement