Sell Bike

Sell your bike through Unique Motorsports

Sell your bike through Unique Motorsports 

Get a higher selling price for your bike 

Save the hassle of dealing with multiple buyers

Unique Motorsports will help you advertise and sell the bike

Unique Motorsports will help you settle all the paperwork involved.

No fees are payable for successful sales. 

Please contact Daphne at 97678999 for more information.

Form for Seller 

Information for the seller:

1) Bike will be sold by way of consignment.

2) Full amount of the selling price will be given to the seller.

3) Should the seller have private offers for the same bike, the seller is to refer them to Unique Motorsports to close the deal. Let Unique Motorsports settle the hassle of negotiating with likely buyers.

4) Service charge of $800 will be collected from the buyer if the sale is successful.

5) Seller is recommended to price the selling price lower than market price for quick sale. For example; the Market selling price is $8000, to sell at about $6800 + $800 service charge.

6) If settlement of existing loan is required, there will be a $200 service charge.